Monday, November 30, 2009

Aliens, finally

I've finally finished painting (still need to do basing) the first batch of GZG Ixx miniatures. These are nice miniatures, being 15mm but large enough to serve as aliens in 1/72 scale.
These are pictures of my first unit, a leader, 3 regular warriors, and a heavy weapon that I'll use as a flamethrower.
From left to right, a Caesar partisan, an Ixx, and a Caesar modern French soldier. This shows the size of these aliens, massive for 15mm, but a good "normal" size for 1/72.
Another shot with a Caesar modern French and an Ixx. These two will be on the same side in my campaign.
This is the second group of Ixx, with an autocannon style heavy weapon. I think two groups are enough for now in my planned campaign.

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