Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gribblies and Suits

I went to a major sale at a local hobby shop recently, and they had some Confrontation pre-painted miniatures marked at half price. I'm not a player of any Rackham game, but some of the miniatures interested me. There was a box of "Scorpion Phemera Omega" miniatures for $15, so I bought those.
There are 8 in the box, and these creatures remind me of hormagaunts from Warhammer 40k, but in a size appropriate for 1/72 miniatures. For pre-paints these are not bad, although they have rather large bases that I may have to replace.
As you can see in this comparison, they are a decent size to go with modern 1/72 miniatures.
Another angle shows some of their detail. You can easily imagine a horde of these attacking.

I'll probably look around for more sales to buy more of these creatures. It seems appropriate for them to come in a large group.

Also, inspired by Eric at 1/72 Multiverse, I bought some reduced-price AT-43 Red Blok battlesuits from the War Store. These are nice miniatures, especially at their price of $13US for a box of 3.
This shot shows the type with a machine gun and a flame thrower next to a 1/72 scale VAB. These are meant to be powered armour in 28 mm scale, but they seem to fit nicely as battlesuits or mini-mechs in 1/72.
Another shot with one next to a Sagaie.
Two of them next to a Caesar 1/72 scale nun. They are suitably imposing compared to 1/72 scale humans, and should put a good sci-fi element into games when mixed with moderns. I may repaint these to a colour scheme more appropriate to my setting.

Painted Armoured Cars

In the last while I was playing the Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 video games, so I didn't have much time to paint or update. (I blame Kevin's company for this)

Now I've managed to put some camouflage onto the two Sagaie armoured cars from the previous post. So here they are:

It's interesting to see the middle pair of wheels suspended in mid-air like that. On the real vehicle these are in a retracted position normally and dropped down for extra mobility.
The pair of vehicles from the back.

Overall I liked the vehicle models, but for something bigger I think I'll get resin kits with fewer pieces. That is, after I finish the Ace T-72s on my plate. Those are nightmares.