Sunday, July 31, 2022

More Stargrave Creatures

I've been painting some more creatures for Stargrave for an upcoming campaign, and with this batch, along with creatures from other people, we should have enough to cover the basic game.

These are the only miniatures in this batch that are not 3D printed. They are actually board game miniatures from the game "Cthulhu: Death May Die". I think they are ghouls from that game, but I've painted them up as gaunches for Stargrave.

The back of one of the miniatures. They seem to have fur covering their backs, and there are a lot of wrinkles and other detail on them.

Here is a size comparison between a Mangalore from the last post and one of these creatures. They are basically man height.

One of the more common types of enemies in Stargrave is the bile worm, which is a big worm creature that can spit acid. In this case, I printed out some free worm creatures with teeth from Thingiverse, and used them as bile worms. Their maws open at the front and present an interesting element of horror.

These are also approximately man-sized, although of course a lot of their bodies are buried underground.
Another type of bug-like enemy is the magmite, which is an insectoid that bleeds lava. Again, I used some free miniatures from Thingiverse (some sort of Metroid creature I think), but painted them with a rock-like scheme, along with lava leaking out of their carapace.

These are compact but stubby creatures with a bulbous belly, which I painted as a sort of lava-repository.

One of the more bizarre creatures from Stargrave is the shengrylla, which is a three-eyed monkey with two tails. However, some kind soul on Thingiverse designed and released a model for free based on that description, so once again I was able to print some for our game.

A couple of them are printed using an FDM printer, so they are quite poor quality, but I can always keep them at the back of the crowd where they aren't visible close-up. The two at the front are resin-printed.

I also printed out another horat, from the same design as I did before. This is also an FDM print.

However, unlike the last horat, this one does show some very visible print lines. I guess I didn't do enough preparation with varnish to fill them in.

I'll keep on painting some more player characters for myself, to fill out multiple crews, but for now I think I'm done most of my creatures.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Back to More Stargrave Miniatures

Sorry that I haven't posted for a while, but between real life and painting up an army for Kings of War, I haven't had that much time for posting recent miniatures. I will be putting up pictures of my Kings of War army soon though.

I had the chance to do a few more Stargrave miniatures. These are all 3D printed from designs by various artists on Patreon.

This is a police droid from the excellent designer Papsikels. I modified it a bit by adding a knife hand to fit Stargrave's idea of a "runner" or "recruit".

The miniature was quite big by default, so I reduced it a bit (a good benefit of 3D printing) to fit my other Cyberpunk/Sci-fi miniatures.

These are Mangalores from the movie Fifth Element, sculpted by another great artist, BigMrTong. They will serve as generic enemy troopers in my games. These were actually painted very quickly with Army Painter Speedpaints, which I'm finding to be quite useful right now.

The original design was actually kind of small, and again I increased their size to fit my other miniatures.

I also painted another miniature from EC3D, again using mostly Army Painter Speedpaints. This is supposed to be an alien arms dealer, but I guess it can be used for all kinds of NPCs.

I'll continue to paint a number of Stargrave miniatures for an upcoming campaign, and will be posting more soon.