Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3D Stands

I'm planning on running a game of Squadron Strike for Mayday this year, so I've made some 3D flight stands for spacecraft.  Squadron Strike is a board game that allows you to play spaceship combat in 3D with ships from pretty much any universe you want.  There's a ship builder system in the game that lets you design ships with various characteristics.  To convert this to 3D, I'm using a hex map from Hotz and some 3D flight stands.
I'm using a cheap telescoping mirror as the bulk of the stand.  When the mirror and the clip are removed, the rod itself is a great telescoping tube with a rotatable, bendable top.
After putting some washers on the bottom and a rare earth magnet on top, the mirror is now a telescoping stand.  I made several of these.
Because of the magnets on top, I can put any spaceship miniatures with matching magnets on the bottom onto these stands.  Here, you can see the Orion frigate I painted a long time ago in various positions - tilted down 30 degrees, completely vertical, and upside down.
I'm also planning on making some smaller stands for missile and fighter markers.  I'll start with these smaller dollar-store magnetic pickup tools.  Coming soon...