Sunday, June 27, 2021

Stargrave Bestiary and Terrain

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while, but I 3D printed a lot of stuff recently and couldn't keep up with preparing and painting them.

Most of what I've done is for Stargrave, primarily concentrating on the bestiary for random encounters, and for terrain.

One of the creatures from potential random encounters is the horat, which is described as a wooly rhino type of creature. I printed and painted up one of the creatures from the Ignis Quadrant Kickstarter, which is sort of an alien rhino. I think my varnish treatment worked perfectly in this case, with no visible print lines at all.
This is a fair-sized beasty.

Also from the same source are these factory bots, which will look quite good as repair bots, as described per the Stargrave bestiary.

I also painted some terrain items, which will be useful in certain scenarios, and as general scatter terrain. The ventilation fans are also from the Ignis Quadrant Kickstarter, and are specifically required in one of the Stargrave scenarios. The medium cargo containers are from Novus Landing, the sequel campaign to Ignis Quadrant. I have quite a few more pieces of terrain to go.

For non-3D printed items, I have this Dungeons and Dragons umber hulk. The Stargrave bestiary has a creature called the "porigota", which sounds a lot like an umber hulk (or ambull if in GW-speak). I painted up this one fairly quickly, and it's a decent model with nice detail.

Again, a fairly large creature compared to a human.

I have quite the backlog of printed items to paint through, so there will be a lot more updates soon.