Monday, January 11, 2010

Little Armoured Cars With Big Guns

I've been building a couple of ACE models 1/72 scale Sagaie armoured cars. These are interesting modern French vehicles that look like they can be used for a low-tech sci-fi setting. However, design-wise ACE models are almost the exact opposite of the Heller VABs. Even for small models like these, there are many pieces to glue together, along with tiny etched-metal fittings. Taken together, they produce excellent detail, but are often not suitable for wargaming. I've left off many small plastic pieces as well as most of the etched-metal fitting, otherwise they'd come off the first time anyone moved them around on the gaming table.

The two armoured cars, showing their long 90mm guns in proportion to their bodies.
The front of the Sagaie, showing the detail of the turret mantlet.
The back of the Sagaie, showing the detail of the amphibious propeller housings.

Now I just have to paint them in a similar camouflage style as my VABs.