Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Still Alive and Some Bones

Sorry that I haven't been updating this blog, but I've been busy early this year. However, I am still slowly chipping away at my Epic Tyranids.

I promised to take pictures of some Reaper Bones miniatures for someone and do a comparison with 1/72 scale miniatures, so I guess I'm back to the proper subject of the blog.

There are some very nice looking Bones (soft plastic) miniatures that can double for 1/72 scale aliens, and I have a few that I plan on using in games. Sorry about the funny colours and lighting in the photos. Bones miniatures don't do so well with lights.

These are Reaper Bones "Kulathi Invaders". They are alternatively armed with one large weapon or a couple of small weapons. I think they're perfect for larger-than-human basic alien foot soldiers. They are next to a couple of Elhiem 1/72 scale metal "federal troopers".

This is a "Bathalian Centurion", a large creature with giant talons. Creatures of this size can probably be used as light vehicles versus human-sized soldiers. This one looks assault-oriented.

This one is a "Bathalian Exarch", slightly slimmer with smaller "hands". Maybe it can be used as a leader of some kind?

The largest of the creatures is the "Bathalian Primarch", with extended head armour. Maybe this is good for an alien supreme leader with psychic powers?

All of these aliens have cthulhuloid face tentacles, and their styles fit together well as different castes of an alien army. I can probably use them in a custom background with the FUBAR ruleset, a good way back into 1/72 scale sci-fi gaming.