Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Painting for Kings of War

In order to build an army for a Kings of War tournament at this year's Mayday, I'm starting to paint a bunch of units in the coming two months. Most of these are EM-4 dwarves (old Grenadier plastics), many with conversions.
 A crossbow regiment at 135 pts.

Another crossbow regiment at the same points value.

An ironclad regiment with throwing mastiffs at 110+10 pts.

Another regiment at the same points value.

A regiment of riflemen with Brew of Keen-eyeness at 155+30 pts.

A stone priest with bane chant at 105+15 pts.

A brock-rider regiment with Aegis of the Elohi (210+25pts) - however, I'm using a smaller number of bear-riders to represent the same unit. I'm using the unique model on the right to represent Sveri Egilax, a named brock-rider hero. (240 pts)

I'll be posting painted photos as I get through these.