Monday, October 16, 2023

Kings of War Kingdoms of Men Army

This weekend, I went to a Kings of War tournament called Refugees of the Olde Worlde in Rexburg, Idaho. It was a great time, but I realized that the army I used, which I had painted over several years, has never appeared on this blog.

I originally built this army years ago as a Burgundian Ordonnance Army for DBA, which is why most of the miniatures are on 60mm bases. Some new units, especially the fantasy types, and the Kings of War sized sabot bases, were added recently. I ended up running it for the "Kingdoms of Men" faction in Kings of War. I'm very satisfied with the way the miniatures turned out, even though the army is not competitive in actual game play, being one of the rather overlooked factions.

Household knights with ducal banner. All miniatures are from the excellent Perry Mounted Men-at-arms plastic kit, along with the paper banner. These are mounted on sabot bases as knight regiments in Kings of War.

The first unit of Burgundian Ordonnance pikes. Again, all are Perry plastics, with some conversions, from their European Infantry plastic kit. These are used as a pike regiment in Kings of War.

The second unit of pikes, from the same source with no conversions. Some of the men, like the other units of infantry, are single-based, to conform to the size of Kings of War bases. They have to be 100mm wide, and so can't take two 60mm bases.

To have a somewhat competitive list, I gathered some random Swiss halberdiers and Burgundians with sword and buckler into a "militia mob" regiment for Kings of War. This ruleset very much needs "cheap chaff" units as a part of gameplay.. Again, from the same Perry kit as above.

A large unit of knights on foot. These are mostly from the Perry Foot Knights box set, with a few armoured command figures from the other plastic infantry sets. This is used as a foot guard horde unit in Kings of War.

A large unit of longbowmen, with all figures from the Perry War of the Roses Infantry set. In Kings of War, they are a horde of archers. Unfortunately, there are no special rules for longbowmen or any other type of elite archers for humans in the game, so their performance is rather lacklustre.

A couple of Burgundian cannons. The crews are converted Perry plastic infantry with metal Foundry cannons. In the game, I actually run them as proxies for ballistas, due to those being cheaper and more competitive.

The human army by itself is very uncompetitive game-wise, and I had to add some fantasy-based punch (as well as flair) to it. I made some generals on winged beasts (dragonlings or small dragons in this case), with 3D-printed bodies and wings, and Perry knights riding them.

Another useful unit is a hero on pegasus, which is much cheaper in game points and more flexible (expendable!) than the bigger flying generals. This is a standard Perry knight with 3D-printed wings.

To add even more fantasy theme are a pair of wizards riding pegasus, as spell-casting is an important part of the game. These are more complex conversions, with Perry Light Cavalry bodies, Frostgrave wizard bits, and 3D-printed wings.

There is an interesting unit in the Kingdoms of Men list called a Monarch, which is a large command unit that provides a lot of useful buffs. I made a version of this unit with the Duke riding an armoured bear, along with his banner-bearer and trumpeter. The bear is 3D-printed, with the other figures from  various Perry sets. The figures are all removable as I can also use the armoured bear for another fantasy unit, the beast cavalry.

I have enough miniatures built for a unit of Swiss pikes too, although they don't fit in my current army list. I'm building more to have Burgundians and Swiss as two opposed sides in other games, such as Never Mind the Billhooks.

This is the only non-Perry infantry in this army, a 3D-printed Swiss horn blower from a file sold by Wargames Illustrated magazine. I used him as an additional hero who is a special character for this tournament.

The entire army together on a gaming mat, quite impressive looking if I do say so myself. Unfortunately I didn't manage to take too many pictures of the tournament itself, but it was definitely an unforgettable experience, with a lot of other well-painted armies for me to play against.