Thursday, March 19, 2020

A Quick Review and More Kings of War

Since the Kings of War tournament for late March was canceled due to the pandemic situation, I had some more time to paint new additions to my Kings of War army. This also involved exploring new unit types.

A while ago, I bought into the pre-order for Oathmark Miniatures' plastic goblin wolf riders. I've always been impressed by the quality of Oathmark's castings, so I jumped at the chance of more classic Tolkienesque goblins rather than cartoonish green goblins.

I bought two boxes of these miniatures, which contain 15 goblin riders each. That's quite a sizable number for use as auxiliary units in my Ogre army.

The box consists of three goblin sprues and 5 wolf sprues. The goblins show the typical high quality casting from Oathmark, and each sprue contains enough arms for the choice of all miniatures being archers, spearmen, or swordsmen.

The close-up above shows the excellent detail of goblin faces.

However, the wolf sprues were not as impressive. Each wolf comes in two halves, but other than the manes and tails, their bodies are almost completely smooth! The lack of fur texture can be a problem during painting. It's very strange that there is such a lack of detail compared to the riders.

I painted up enough for a couple of troop units in Kings of War, with removable individual bases. When painted up, they generally look quite good. However, being spoiled by a lot of the newer plastic kits, I ignored the gaps down the front of the wolves' heads. Newer kits don't usually need greenstuff to cover up gaps like that. After painting them though, the gaps are quite obvious. Maybe I have to use some paint to try to hide them. I'll definitely remember to fill those gaps for the next ones I build.
A close-up shows that they are very nice painted up, despite some of my issues from above.

This is the second unit of them, and I will remember to fill the head gaps next time!

Aside from the goblins, I based up a couple of plastic pre-painted mammoth toys from Michael's, which will function as quick and cheap war mammoths for Ogres.

Monday, March 9, 2020

My Second Kings of War Army

I have been working on a second Kings of War army for a while now, and it consists of Ogres and Goblins. An upcoming tournament later in March has motivated me to finally get them fully painted.
Here's the start of the finished army:
For the bulk of the army, I'm using 1/72 trolls from a company called Dark Alliance. Even though these are made for a much smaller scale, they actually fit quite well against 28mm miniatures, as seen here. The above are a horde of Ogre warriors.

This is a second horde of warriors. The same miniatures are used, just with a different colour scheme.

These less well-protected warriors are used as berserker braves, since they provide a suitably wild look.

Another horde of braves, which I've previously shown on this blog.

I still have a few more other units to finish up for this army, coming up soon.