Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Vehicles

I've been doing some more vehicle work and here are the results.
Here's a French VAB model by Heller. This is actually a very nice model, with only 39 parts and very easy to assemble, but also with quite a bit of detail. I just finished a base coat and camouflage colours, but for now it's fairly serviceable. I've got 4 of these models and they'll serve as the APCs for my sci-fi troops.
This is the view from the top of the same model.
The BTRs from the previous post have also had a basic paintjob done. I've got three prepared this way now, enough for a motorized rifle platoon. Now I just have to paint the troops...
A closeup of one of them.
A view from the back.

I've decided to actually use Ambush Alley: Force on Force rules for now, even for the sci-fi games. I'll be posting stats for my vehicles soon.

Friday, October 9, 2009

1/72 Sci-Fi

One problem with 1/72 scale plastics is the lack of science fiction models. However, there are good miniatures of very modern armies, and these can be used for mid-tech science fiction forces. Also, there is a wide range of sci-fi minis available in 15 mm metal, and the aliens in many of them can work well with 1/72 scale. I'm currently trying to create science fiction forces with 1/72 plastics, and here are some examples of what I have so far.

Here is a 1/72 scale Caesar modern French soldier and a Ground Zero Games 15 mm alien, the Ixx. Due to the massive size of the Ixx (for 15 mm) they can be used quite nicely together with 1/72s. In this case, they are for my force of alien tribesmen (tribesaliens?) led by human officers who sort of have a French Foreign Legion vibe. The FAMAS rifle looks pretty futuristic too.
More 1/72 scale Caesar modern French with FAMAS rifles. These will form the backbone of a mid-tech sci-fi army.
This is a Ground Zero Games missile launcher drone along with another Caesar French soldier with an APILAS missile launcher. The UGVs (unmanned gound vehicles) will be a nice sci-fi touch to the heavy weapons teams.
Now here's something for them to blow up. These are Trumpeter 1/72 scale BTR-80 models. Modern wheeled APCs can be used in a variety of sci-fi settings. Wheeled APCs make a lot of sense, even on alien worlds, since they're cheap and low-maintenance, and sure beat walking when nothing higher tech is available! These will be used in an opposing force to the Caesar French.
These are Orion 1/72 modern Russian soldiers. When I first got them, I thought they looked horrible and were extremely poor quality. However, after a primer undercoat, they don't look so bad. A simple paint job and a wash can bring out some good detail. Again, these will be used as the enemy for the Caesar French. Those poor Russians, they never get a break!

I will probably use Fast and Dirty 4 for the ruleset for now. When Ambush Alley's sci-fi rules come out, I'll definitely get that.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Painted Humvees

Here are pictures of two painted Humvees. Like I said before, these are painted with a simple base coat and are "game-ready." I'll put in washes and highlights later. These models are from Dragon and are one of their easier kits. The Humvees come two per box and are relatively easy to assemble. I also skimped on the details inside the driver's compartment since you can't see anything inside anyways.
The two of them together.
You can see the nice detail from the back.
The following is one of Dragon's more complex kits, an Amtrack (AAVP7A1) with reactive armour. The thing has over 170 pieces (for a 1/72 model!) including photo-etched parts. I actually left quite a bit of detail off so it can be usable as a gaming model - too many small pieces can break off easily. It still looks very impressive even with only a base coat right now. I still have to paint the tracks and other detail.
You can see its size through a comparison with a Humvee.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Stryker and Humvees

This is a Trumpeter 1/72 scale Stryker ICV that I built a while ago. I use it for Ambush Alley games. This model is quite nice to work with and is easy to build, unlike some Dragon models. I have a simple Olive Drab paintjob on it right now, but I'll probably give it some washes and highlights soon. I generally like to use simple paint schemes and get models on the gaming table as soon as possible - a strictly no frills approach.

Another shot, from the front this time.

The following is a work-in-progress Humvee. I've got a few of these that I have to build. The one from this picture has since been completed, and I'll post pictures later.

First Post

Hi everyone, this will be the blog for showing all of my current projects in 1/72 scale miniature wargaming. I play in two scales, 28 mm (mostly Warhammer 40k) and 1/72 scale. 1/72 scale plastic miniatures have the advantages of low cost, easy availability, and the abundance of vehicle models. From a stylistic point of view, most 1/72 scale miniatures have properly proportioned humans, unlike most wargaming scales, which are "chunky." This may or may not appeal to people. However, I do like it and this blog will concentrate on this scale, especially as it is used for gaming.