Saturday, November 21, 2009


I've painted up a mix of Caesar WWII Partisans, Orion Chechen Rebels, and ESCI WWII Russians to use as the Anarchist faction in my sci-fi campaign. They represent partisans who use a variety of civilian clothes, old military uniforms, and a mix of old and new weapons. The bulk of the group consists of Caesar's excellent WWII Partisans set. I only have a few photos here, but I'll take more tomorrow.
A few Caesar and Orion miniatures that I'll use for RPG teams.
A mixed group of partisans armed with various small arms.
A close-up of a submachingunner that shows the detail of the Caesar miniatures.


  1. Great looking figures - the last one really is excellent

  2. Yes, the Caesars are very nice figures, probably some of the best 1/72 plastics out there.