Sunday, August 15, 2021

More Creatures and Ruffians

I've painted up some more 3D printed miniatures for Stargrave. This time, they are some ruffians, the lowest level of pirates you can encounter in the game, and some tanglers, randomly generated creatures that can cause problems for the crew. Both sets of miniatures are printed on the Elegoo Mars Pro, i.e. they are resin 3D prints.
For ruffians, I thought quite a bit about what miniatures to use. They are supposed to be armed with only pistols and knives, and are the lowest level of pirates you can encounter. I ended up deciding on some space goblins available for free from Thingiverse. They are sculpted by an artist named VidovicArts and are full of character. Following some inspiration online, I decided to give them blue skin, as some sort of aliens, rather than go for the more GW-inspired green.

While each pose is unique, they are variations on a couple of different poses, usually with goggles, grenades, or knives added.

I also 3D printed the bases, collected from various sets of miniatures I have.

Here is a gobbo compared to my standard cyberpunk size comparison character. They'll serve as vicious little minions.

I also printed these grells, again free from Thingiverse. They fit the description of tanglers from Stargrave, which are just small creatures with a lot of tentacles. I just reduced them in size to be smaller than humans, as per description in the bestiary.

Here is one compared to my standard human. I like the simplicity of the design.

I'll be painting up some more pirates right away, mainly the more heavily equipped types.

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