Saturday, July 31, 2021

A Few More Stargrave Crew

I've completed a few more miniatures for my Stargrave crew, this time a combination of resin-printed and FDM-printed minis again.

This is another resin miniature from Papsikels' line-up. I digitally swapped the head on an existing miniature to make this into another "Witcher" style figure.

Again, I like the amount of detail that's available from a resin print.

The thinness of the design makes it impossible to print on an FDM printer.

This is one of my FDM prints with a head from a plastic kit (Wargames Factory Orcs) physically transplanted onto it. FDM prints have a tough time with facial detail, so I tend to just use plastic heads. This mini can be some sort of lightly armed alien.

This is the Cyberforge "wild child" figure I've shown here as an unpainted FDM print, finally painted now. I was surprised by the amount of detail kept by the printer, but it's still nothing compared to a resin mini.

All three miniatures shown together as a size comparison. With these done, I have more than enough miniatures to build a first Stargrave crew. I'll be doing some more creatures and pirates next.


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