Monday, November 14, 2011


Getting ready for another DBA campaign with the local group, I managed to finish my long-planned Parthian DBA army last week.  All of the miniatures are from HaT.  They are decent enough, but not as detailed and crisp as Caesar or Zvezda.

I didn't make all of the possible troop type combinations for this list, but there's enough to get several good combinations.
These are the main striking power of this army, the cataphracts.  The DBA 2.2 list actually allows five stands total, but I only painted four here, including the general.
 A close up of the general stand, with a standard bearer and drummer.
The horse archers, the backbone of this army.  The list actually allows 10 stands of them, but I only have 8 here.  In DBA, light horse are very hard to handle, and it really doesn't pay to have too many of them.
A close up of a horse archer stand.
Another horse archer stand showing the famous "Parthian shot", where the horsemen shoot their bows behind them.
The DBA list allows foot troops too, with a total of two psiloi and one auxilia.  However, I only have one of each.  The other psiloi cuts into a cataphract stand, and I don't want too many horse archers.

Here's the entire army.  I've been lucky playing with it so far, but an army with this many light horse has serious control issues.  Oh well, it'll be a challenge in the campaign.


  1. I had really mixed success with the parthian army I played in a convention once. I won one game in 5 minutes (crushed a Marian Roman army by flanking it and rolling the line). But I have also been shot to pieces.

    I think the key (moreso than usual) is to pick the four elements you are going to take from the other guy and then use your speed to do so before he can react.