Saturday, September 24, 2011

3D Models

Inspired by the Shapeways miniatures I bought, I got into 3D computer modelling in order to make some of my own miniatures using Shapeways.

I started out doing something simple, a missile miniature design that I intend to use as counters in space games.

Basically, I envision several of these small models on a base, representing a swarm of missiles in games that allow them.

Then I moved onto something a bit more complex. I've always been interested in real-world spacecraft designs, so I chose the next subject from that area. The Lockheed Martin VentureStar was an ill-fated 1990s design that was supposed to replace the space shuttle. However, various problems with the project caused its cancellation by NASA. I've recreated that model using various online sources, mostly artistic pictures of the small-scale test prototype, the X-33. Some of the details concerning the VentureStar were vague, so I tried filling things in using the X-33's design. The good thing too, is that this miniature can also be used as a sci-fi space shuttle. I'm making two different sizes of the VentureStar miniature for now, one 1/1000 scale, and one 1/3000 scale. These will be good sizes to use in games. If the first prints are successful, I'll make a bigger and more detailed model, maybe 1/500, that can be used for display purposes.

I've actually uploaded my finished files to Shapeways and ordered miniatures. I'm just waiting now for them to produce and mail the miniatures to me.

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