Friday, October 1, 2021

More Work On The Solar Panel

Continuing on from my work in the last post, I learned more about working in Blender. It turns out that for simple geometric shapes that I was working with, Blender is actually fairly easy to deal with. I was able to complete the base for my solar panel fairly quickly.

I managed to model the base for the solar panel with a minimum of pain. It's a simple structure with four feet and a "swivel" neck to mate with the underside of the panels from last post.

Here is what it looks like when printed.

Both the tri panel and the quad panel have a rectangular recess on the back, and they both fit the head of the base even without gluing. However, I will be fixing them with superglue after I do my typical post-processing for 3D printed objects, before painting them.

Next to a 28mm miniature, it's a fair-sized structure.
Remember, this is all available on Thingiverse, free for download and use by everyone.