Thursday, May 23, 2019

More Fantasy Painting Updates

I actually finished my dwarf army for the Kings of War tournament at Mayday. However, I didn't fully finish basing the second half of the army. So I recently took some time to do that and complete the rest of my force.
The unit of bear riders that I use as proxy for a regiment of badgers. 240 pts.

Regular earth elementals. 130 pts each for two units.

Dwarf muskets regiment with brew of keen-eyeness.  155 + 30 = 185 pts.

Two organ guns. 85 pts each.

A stone priest with bane chant. 105 + 15 = 120 pts.

Also along the way, I painted these two Reaper Bones hellhounds. I can just use them in whatever fantasy game I need as generic monsters.

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