Sunday, August 2, 2015

More Shapeways

Last month, Shapeways had a sale where they provided free shipping, so I took the opportunity to get some items that I've always wanted. Since I've been looking for Battlefleet Gothic miniatures as orbital support markers for my Epic armies, and the original BFG miniatures are long out of print, I got some BFG-inspired space ship miniatures as proxies. Not only can they be used for Epic, but I can also start building BFG fleets with them.

This miniature is based on a Space Marine strike cruiser from BFG. The design is very similar but not quite exactly the same as the original, and it has somewhat less detail. However, the Frosted Ultra Detail material from Shapeways is quite nice and avoids most of the "texture" problems from cheaper materials. The clear material doesn't photograph well, but after getting painted it'll look a lot nicer.

This one is based on the original Forge World Grey Knight strike cruiser. Again, it's not as "baroque" as the BFG miniature, and it's missing some trademark GW items, like shields and swords on the fins. With some Warhammer bits, I think I can "Gothicize" it.

These are very small gunships that can be used as proxies for Thunderhawks in BFG. To give a sense of scale, the base is a Wargames Factory 20X20mm square. They have a lot of detail for their size and the FUD material really comes through.

This time, I'm quite impressed by Shapeway's 3D prints. The more expensive FUD material really makes a difference. I can't wait to get these painted.

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