Monday, July 18, 2011

Elhiem Figures

Recently, I've been buying miniatures from Elhiem Figures (doesn't it seem more correct as "Elheim"?) in the UK. This company produces excellent metal miniatures in 1/72 (20mm) scale. I have pictures of miniatures from some of their ranges next to my Caesar 1/72 plastic miniatures to show how well they match sizewise. Sorry, they're not painted yet.

From the left, two cultists from the Elhiem pulp horror range, Caesar modern French soldier, Caesar modern insurgent, Caesar WWII nun.

From the left, Elhiem heroes from their pulp horror range, and the same three Caesars as above

A close-up of Elhiem heroes versus Caesar miniatures.

A couple of Elheim modern police miniatures, not primed or based yet. These actually match quite well. They only look smaller because they don't have the height of the bases.

So overall, Elhiem miniatures are an almost exact match for 1/72 plastics, and they should provide some excellent character models for games.