Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Game Night Nov. 3, 2015

Tonight at the game club, there were four games running - a Warmachine table, Dave C.'s Memoir '44, Bob's Viking game, and Stephen's Robotech RPG Tactics game. I've always been interested in the 1/285 scale Robotech miniatures since the game's kickstarter, so I joined in on that.

Stephen had some really nicely painted miniatures, and we went through a simple introductory game with a couple of Valkyries versus six Zentraedi battle pods.

The Valkyries were each represented by three miniatures showing the three modes familiar from the TV show - battloid mode (big robot), guardian mode (hybrid fighter/robot), and fighter mode (pure aircraft). Each had its strengths and weaknesses.

The battle pods were also faithful representations of the basic Zentraedi cannon fodder from the show. Stephen had the classic blue and white paint scheme for them.

The basic game is very quick-playing, and we went through it smoothly, with the Valkyries overwhelmed by superior numbers.  Overall, I thought it was a nice system, and a lot of depths can be added by various support mechas.

The miniatures, being 1/285 scale, were very intricate, as can be seen from the photos. Stephen said that some of the miniatures, especially the battloid versions, were a pain to assemble, with too many parts for such small models. I've read similar complaints online around the time of the kickstarter too. The end results look great though.

The introductory game has gotten me interested in this line of miniatures. Maybe I can get some to try out...

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