Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Game Night Oct. 20, 2015

Since I've been taking pictures with my phone on Tuesday gaming nights, I think I'll be posting more of them on here. Tonight Dave B from the gaming group ran an interesting game, Clay-O-Rama.

These rules are from an old issue of Dragon magazine. In the game, players build their own monsters using play dough (!) and assign stats to them according to their design. For example their size determines their hitpoints, their number of legs determines their movement speed (in handspans!), and their number of other appendages determines their attacks. All in all it's a great and silly game, and it's a lot of fun to play.

Here's S Harper, Bruce's monster.

My monster Centipedor attacked Phil's green guy.

Justin's orange turtle-like monster was hit with the "drop" super power, i.e. it was actually dropped from three feet above the table! The monster's name was Eeyore, so I guess it fell apart.

Phil's monster suffered a "splat" attack, where someone actually pounded on it with a fist, with predictable results...

We played a second game after the first one with different types of monsters, and more wackiness ensued.

On a more serious note, I got in with a growing trend and started using a kanban board to keep track of my miniatures projects. If anything, this organizes my current painting items in progress. There are other features such as recording time spent, etc. that I might use later if needed. I use an online free tool called Kanbanflow to do all this.

This is the board for my current project, an Epic scale Tyranid army.


  1. I remember Claymation! Now I feel warm and fuzzy for Dragon magazine.

  2. What's Kanban? I could certainly use some help organising. Used.

  3. Kanban is a task management system originally used by Japanese manufacturers. I mainly use Kanbanflow, a free online tool. It's easy to use and customize, notwithstanding some quirks.