Sunday, April 28, 2013

1/72 Sci-fi Infantry

Finally, here's the infantry component for the Mayday game.  They are Caesar's modern special forces miniatures that I've painted in an urban camouflage pattern, and they are meant to represent soldiers working for a security company guarding cargo in my science fiction game.
Since these are regulars in an Ambush Alley/Tomorrow's War game, there are only a few of them, and they'll be facing much lower quality opposition.  Basically there are two teams of four, plus some specialists.  I mostly painted Caesar miniatures just as they are, with only a few conversions.

The miniature in the middle is the original Caesar pose, and I like that it has a very sci-fi appearance, with the night-vision goggle in one eye.  I converted the same pose by adding different legs to produce the other two poses.

For this leader figure, I did a bit more work.  I gave him a beret head from the Caesar WWII partisans set, and a cybernetic eye piece over his left eye made from a styrene rod.

This one is painted as is for use as an electronic warfare specialist.  He is from a Caesar modern American set and has some sort of tablet in his hand.

I also made some markers for bombs and IEDs.  These represent medium-sized bombs that can destroy armoured vehicles.

These are small IEDs made from mortar shells.  They will be a pain for the regulars.


  1. Good looking figures and markers. The conversions came out well.

  2. Good job on these Chen, especially the IED's.

    1. These look great, Chen! I am attempting the same thing with the Caesar figs! Check out my blog: