Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The New Year

It looks like everyone is summing up last year and making new year's resolutions, so I guess I'll do it too.  I didn't get much done last year in terms of painting, except specifically for gaming group campaigns.  I'm thinking that this is probably the best way forward, planning my projects around campaigns at EDBAG and games that I'll be hosting.  This way there will be actual pressure to get things done.

I'm planning on going back to 1/72 sci-fi for Mayday (yay!), so this blog's name will actually mean something again.  Also, for an upcoming EDBAG DBA or HoTT campaign (hasn't been decided yet) I'll being painting up a Late Medieval Burgundian army.  I'm thinking of basing it for DBx, but with fewer figures to have 20mm frontage, so the miniatures can be used for games with individual figure removal, such as Condotierre.  I'm also thinking of making more bio space ships, as well as finishing my Attack Vector: Tactical ships, although not for playing with that game.

All the best for the New Year, everyone!


  1. Chen, I wish you the best in 2013. It is great to see you solidly anchored into the DBA game system and EDBAG.

  2. Thanks Mark. It looks like you're settling in well in Calgary. Happy gaming! :)