Monday, January 28, 2013

1/72 Fantasy

It looks like the area of 1/72 scale fantasy is really heating up.  In addition to the existing Caesar and Dark Alliance packs, Dark Alliance has recently released their Orc Warg riders!  There are two packs available, a light and a heavy set of Orc cavalry.  Needless to say, I ordered some as soon as I could, and I just received them today.

These are the riders from the light Orcs box.  They are very nice for Dark Alliance figures, with very little flash and good detail.  The size is comparable to their two boxes of Orc foot soldiers.

These are the heavy riders.  They are much more heavily armoured than the light Orcs, with mostly scale armour and some mail, so they can probably provide the heavy punch in an Orc army.
Both boxes have the same set of two 6-Warg sprues for the rides.  These are quite amazing for soft plastics, especially from this manufacturer.  The details on the barding and fur are very crisp and will probably take dry-brushing well.

Previously, when there were no 1/72 fantasy cavalry, I bought some Eureka Miniatures 15 mm (more like 18 mm) Orc riders for cavalry.  One of the Orc lancers is on the left compared to a Dark Alliance heavy Orc rider on the right.  As you can see, the plastic Orc is the right size, but the metal Orc can fit well as a 1/72 scale goblin rider on a smaller wolf.

It'll be a while before I paint these up, as I have some other projects ahead of them, but it's getting exciting to be in 1/72 scale miniatures!  Now if they'll only start making 1/72 sci-fi...


  1. Wow, this set looks great! I didn't even knew the manufacturer till now. Thanks!

  2. They look good. I was hoping someone would put up a pic of them mounted..I was worried that they wouldn´t fit properly on their mounts. Something else to add to the "must get list"

  3. I did have some trouble fitting the rider on. The sprues are attached to the saddles on the wargs and between the legs of the riders, so it takes a bit of trimming to get something that'll fit into each other firmly. As it is, I think I'll probably need some green stuff to fully secure the rider.

  4. they are really cool!!! I love 1/72 scale, I'd like to see more Fantasy and Sci-fi in this scale!

  5. very nice, i hope to get some soon.

  6. It is getting harder and harder to keep up with so many fantasy sets in 1/72. Thanks for the review of this new set.

    LLC aka Ron