Monday, November 9, 2009

Mostly completed sci-fi faction

I've done a bit more painting and now have a mostly completed force for one faction in my planned sci-fi campaign. The only thing left is painting the bases.

My science fiction setting involves a civil war in a colony nation called San Carlos, and I use the modern French troops to represent the militarist faction that has the loyalty of most of the regular army. This is the faction that has the most modern equipment, (San Carlos is a relatively "third world" nation in my setting) with toys like UGVs and UAVs, as well as alien auxiliaries.

Below is a full section of the Falangian Guard, the elite infantry of this faction:

The section consists of a section leader and two fire teams each with three men. The first fire team has a multi-purpose missile launcher and two men with assault rifles, and the second fire team has a SAW and two men with assault rifles. In Ambush Alley, each fire team will be one unit, with the section leader attachable to either one.

Here is a close-up of the section leader:

For transport, the infantry have wheeled APCs, and I use VAB models.
Here is a fire team exiting the rear doors of an APC:
For dedicated anti-tank duties, UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) with missile launchers are used:
Here's the full force I have so far, with two sections and transports, and an anti-tank UGV section:
Just for interest sake, here is a size comparison between a VAB and a BTR, which I will use for the military of New Harmony, a nation bordering San Carlos:
I guess I still have some more units to do. I still have UAVs and aliens (the GZG Ixx) that need painting, then I'll be going on to the Anarchists...

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  1. Hi, fantastic!! I've been using 1/72 minis for sci fi for a long time, they're inexpansive and very nice! I will send you pics of my favourite pieces!! :)