Monday, November 23, 2009

More Partisans and UAVs

Here are some more pictures of the painted partisans:
I use some Caesar modern urban resisters (insurgents) mixed with the partisans to create light machine gun teams. These fit together fairly well, and fixes the problem of the Caesar set not having a lot of support weapons.
Here are the RPG teams from the previous post, along with another light machine gun team. The Bren gun is the only support weapon included in the Caesar partisans set. Too bad they couldn't put in more.
I use an old ESCI WWII Soviet radiowoman as one of the specialists. She'll probably serve as an electronic warfare specialist or a hacker of some sort.
Another group of partisans with small arms. Their leader (on the right) is a James Bond wannabe.
Back to the regular army, I'm using some plastic Silent Death fighters as UAVs. This is a reconaissance micro-UAV.
Here's the UAV flying over an APC.
This is another fighter I'm using, as an attack UAV.


  1. Could you bring a handful of these painted ones to the club to show off? I'd be interested to see what the colours are like in person.


  2. Oooh, good plan with the Silent Death models. I may well be stealing it shortly =]