Monday, March 9, 2020

My Second Kings of War Army

I have been working on a second Kings of War army for a while now, and it consists of Ogres and Goblins. An upcoming tournament later in March has motivated me to finally get them fully painted.
Here's the start of the finished army:
For the bulk of the army, I'm using 1/72 trolls from a company called Dark Alliance. Even though these are made for a much smaller scale, they actually fit quite well against 28mm miniatures, as seen here. The above are a horde of Ogre warriors.

This is a second horde of warriors. The same miniatures are used, just with a different colour scheme.

These less well-protected warriors are used as berserker braves, since they provide a suitably wild look.

Another horde of braves, which I've previously shown on this blog.

I still have a few more other units to finish up for this army, coming up soon.

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