Monday, February 9, 2015


To create some enemies for the Tau from my previous post, I started putting together some Epic Tyranid kit-bashes.  The good thing about Tyranids is that you can use Warhammer 40k bits to make larger creatures for Epic scale.

I made a couple of harridans from left-over Tyranid gaunt, warrior, and gargoyle pieces.  These are quite imposing in Epic scale, being the size of very large flyers.  In Epic Armageddon, these are war engines with 3 damage capacity.

A close-up of the first one - the wings are from Dark Eldar ravagers, which are slightly larger and seem to be more fitting than gargoyle wings.

I used a slightly different pair of ravager wings for the second harridan, to give it a different position in flight.

Here's a harridan next to one of the Tau Orca transports.  It's suitably menacing air support for the Tyranids.

I have a bunch of Onslaught games Tyranid proxies too, for all the smaller creatures, and I've got some ideas for other Tyranid bio-titans.  More to come soon...