Sunday, August 8, 2010

1/72 Romans for DBA/HOTT

I've finished painting the DBA Marian Roman army using 1/72 miniatures. This can also be used for Hordes of the Things pretty much as is. Well, maybe I'll figure out some mythological elements to add to it.

Here are the general and cavalry elements. The general and the standard bearer are from HaT's Roman command set, and the rest are HaT's Celtic cavalry, representing this Roman general's mercenaries. (At this period in time the Romans' own equestrian class was pretty much gone.)
A close-up of the general element.

These are the two psiloi elements for the army. They are from HaT's Alexander's light infantry box and represent generic ancient Greek archers.

These are the blade elements, the backbone of this army. All the miniatures are Caesar's Republican Romans. They are nicer miniatures than HaT, but I don't think they're up to the standards of the best Caesar has done. There are 8 blade elements in total, and they are some of the most powerful units in the game.

Close-ups of two pila-armed units, in the previous pictures they were hiding in the back.

Finally the Roman camp, which I built hastily and is still unfinished. I'm going for a palisade march camp type of thing, maybe with some more content in the middle. This is meant to be a DBA camp, but I'll use it as a HoTT stronghold until I can think of something better.

I had a lot of fun painting for DBA, and I'll be doing more of them in both 1/72 and 15mm.


  1. They look great, an army of blades, shooters and riders for HOTT?

    My HOTT armies are mostly conventional as well, so this will match up nicely with Persians or Indians.

  2. Yup, although I'm thinking of playing the general as a mounted hero.