Saturday, October 3, 2009

Painted Humvees

Here are pictures of two painted Humvees. Like I said before, these are painted with a simple base coat and are "game-ready." I'll put in washes and highlights later. These models are from Dragon and are one of their easier kits. The Humvees come two per box and are relatively easy to assemble. I also skimped on the details inside the driver's compartment since you can't see anything inside anyways.
The two of them together.
You can see the nice detail from the back.
The following is one of Dragon's more complex kits, an Amtrack (AAVP7A1) with reactive armour. The thing has over 170 pieces (for a 1/72 model!) including photo-etched parts. I actually left quite a bit of detail off so it can be usable as a gaming model - too many small pieces can break off easily. It still looks very impressive even with only a base coat right now. I still have to paint the tracks and other detail.
You can see its size through a comparison with a Humvee.

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